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Why choose C3?


C3 innovative hassle-free web platform with tailored questionnaire

First of all, customized questionnaire generates successfull market research.  With this in mind, reflective of the business’s needs and ambition, they must factor in its size, the number of employees and finally, the socio-demographic circomstances.  As a results, providing the owners with accurate and specific results, completely in sync with their vision.

Insightful reports

Additionally, with their C3 detailed reports, our clients get the best of both worlds, securing the professional standpoint, while maintaining the human point of view. Thanks to our trained C3 agent’s skills, the client knows with certainty who was evaluated, what happened during the exchange, as well as which points were missed, but most importantly, also obtains real customer feedback.

Timely reports

Then, impressively enough, the customer receives the results within 48 hours of each evaluation.  To start with, the C3 agent fills out the questionnaire, from our online data-base, right after leaving the location.  Hence, allowing a quick response time for revision and validation of the reports.  Subsequently, ensuring the compilation of store ranking comparatives and statistics, in real time.

C3 evaluation programs triumphs over on-line surveys

What differentiates the C3 evaluation programs from on-line surveys?  Probably the fact that our trained C3 agents knows in advance what is expected of the staff makes a difference.  Also, their ability to score each employee’s performance, in accordance with specific guidelines, and yet still providing a real customers opinion, based on their personal shopping experience, is especially relevant.


Finally, our mission, summed up in 4 words :


C3 Investigates. Analyses. Straightens. Rewards!

Who does C3 work for?

All in all, renowned for its expertise and yet flexible logistics, C3 delivers results confidentially, quickly and accurately, to an array of diversified clients, all with unique and specific expectations.

At last, C3 recognize the importance of working closely with the client.  Consequently, offering them strategic recommendations, furthermore optimizing administration, operations as well as employee management.



Gracious testimonials from C3 clients:


“Above all, great program! In fact, sales are up even with the opening of Lowe’s next door!”



“Under those circumstances, following the latest results, we will meet with our managers to make sure that the rules in place are applied more rigorously.
Thank you for the quick results!”

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“Thank You, we’ve hired a new manager and several new clerks.
Your honesty and concerns are very much appreciated!

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“By the way, we started reading the reports which are very interesting! We can’t wait for the second round!”

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“Thanks so much for your unique & professional service. We can always count on you any time!”logo torino