Isabel C.


It’s during her studies in law at the University of Montreal, that Mrs. C. discovers her true passion for management and marketing.

She first put her management talents to several retail companies in the area of Ontario and Quebec, but especially by participating in the launch of a new player in the field of SPC telecommunication- Clearnet, which today is known as the Telus- she discovered an ability for field operations on a larger scale.

In 1997, marked by the success of Clearnet, Mrs. C. created her own project management company in the field of evaluation of customer service and verifying trade policies using two measures: mystery shopping and customer interviews.

Her clients describe her as a professional business person, approachable and down to earth. They particularly appreciate her pragmatic approach, simplicity and sense of humor.

Her expertise in operations management and her communication skills have led her to advise the largest national companies, such as Canadian Tire and Betonel.

For over 20 years, the search of the "IT" factor for Customer Loyalty is her serious vocation.

Surveys, surveys, surveys... still, we must know how to decode them as they will be effective only if the interviewed are questioned in the right place at the right time with the right questions. The secret is in the source!

Isabel C

Marie-Eve G.

Senior Project Manager

Mrs G. has over fifteen years of experience in the field of customer service. She began her career within telecommunication companies, such as Fido and Telus Mobility, where she performed several functions related to both customers and administration.

She specializes more particularly in consumer psychology and customer loyalty. Eager to take on new challenges, Mrs. G. joined Verifications Roberte in 2006, as a coordinating officer.

Immediately recognized for her leadership, she quickly reaches a senior position responsible for a team of project managers, two departments of correction, as well as over a hundred field workers per month in eight of our Canadian provinces, and this with a remarkable ease.

What motivates Mrs. G? Agents who confide in her: "It's nice to have access to a person when you have issues and not a machine!" And customers who exclaim" Wow! You are still working at this hour?"

Like pieces of a chess game, each individual has their strength. The goal is to discover them and learn how to work with them.

Isabel C

Juliane B.

Ontario Project Manager

Mrs. B. alias, «Lady O» is our reference when it comes to the food industry. She was practically born in the diary aisle having worked almost from birth in the family business, which is known today as an institution on Elgin Street in Ottawa.

Our reference in the food industry.

Isabel C

Victor E.

Project Manager, Western Canada & USA Development

Mr. E. Alias "The jet setter", specializes in sales and financing in the automotive industry in Canada and the United States. With over 25 years’ experience in this field, he knows all the laps. His work took him to all corners of our country; he is also our No. 1 source for air travel and the hotel industry.

By plane, by train or by automobile, he cumulates 25 years’ expertise in the travelling and the hospitality industry.


C3 agents: Resourceful and professional

At C3, the recruitment and deployment of multiple staff, trained rigorously and thoroughly prepared for each mandate mainly contribute to the quality of feedback.

The field observations may find gaps or business opportunities that would otherwise have passed under the radar without the precise investigation of our agents.

Whether you're looking for mystery shoppers, pollsters or investigators, C3 agents are carefully recruited based on their professional experience, and handpicked by our human resources department.

The successful candidates are subsequently subjected to compliance, observation and memory tests. Those who cross this second stage are then selected for an interview in person by a C3 project manager.

Depending on the complexity of a contract, C3 project managers will ardently coach and guide agents in their respective divisions throughout each mandate.

As a customer, you have the choice of an unlimited variety of agents, for each of your branches across Canada and major US cities.

Incognito or not, according to your terms, C3 agents will follow your exact instructions and provide detailed and accurate reports.

As resourceful as smart, C3 agents understand that they are not paid to walk around in stores or eat in restaurants. They are, above all, paid to meticulously perform precise operations, regardless of the field or the nature of the mandates assigned to them.

C3 Team: An impressive bank of professional agents, as diverse as varied!