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Managing Customer Complaints and Customer Recovery

Handling complaints can be a difficult task, especially when there is a conflict between customers’ needs and the services provided by institutions. Sometimes an outside view and a good listener can settle conflicts so that each party is benefiting. As they say: “The customer is always right” or almost! And in general, it takes very little to satisfy and restore a good relationship.

Customer Service Training

Our trainings, based on typical situations and daily steps specific to your business, are very lively and very memorable. The goal is to train staff to follow a protocol to the letter so that it becomes a reflex. From that point on, employees will carry out their work with such a unique approach that their personality. While there are all sorts of training programs on the market, the best training for your staff lies in the application a custom well-built protocol.

Recruitment Service (Headhunter)

The solution to improve performance sometimes is the restructuring of human resources, reorientation of staff or even the replacement of employees. Our recruitment service will strengthen your team with the best players in your industry.

Personnel Service for Special Events

Whether in a single point of sale or in two thousand points across the country, whether it is with the distribution of gifts, samples or promotional ads, our dynamic team will represent you professionally and exemplary. Whatever the project or news, delivery will be effective and memorable.

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