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Become a C3 Agent

We are looking for people of all ages with a strong background in retail sales or customer service. Experience in data collection, investigation or mystery shopping definitely an asset.

Become C3 agent

Join Team C3

Either when mystery shopping, auditing, interviewing or completing surveys, as a C3 agent, you will enjoy many benefits including:

  • A variety of places to visit
  • A variety of contracts
  • Flexible work schedule easy to combine with your full time job
  • Non-traditional work
  • Earn a few extra bucks
  • Sometimes get free stuff

For this work, you must:

  • Have your own means of transportation to get to the locations at your own cost, either by automobile, bus or walking!
  • Have basic computer equipment at home (PC, printer and internet)

Know that you will have the choice to accept or refuse any contract offered to you; however, since we only have a couple of contracts each month, if you refuse repeatedly, we will delete your application for obvious reasons.

Are you looking for occasional work with a flexible schedule?

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5.0 rating
22 September 2019

Superbe compagnie 🙂

Martin Juneau 


4.0 rating
16 May 2019

Good company and quick payments!

André Jolicoeur


5.0 rating
6 May 2019

C’est agréable de faire partie de cette entreprise, les réponses sont rapide, courtois et on obtient un bon support et le paiement est rapide. Merci.

Hélène Mallette

Like pro's

4.0 rating
17 March 2019

A very professional company with excellent communication.

Brian Leggett

Quick response

5.0 rating
27 February 2019

Great job. Support for questions and quick response.

Nora Walsh


5.0 rating
22 February 2019

Compagnie sérieuse. Soucieuse de la qualité du service offert au client.

France Duval


5.0 rating
5 October 2018

C3 est une compagnie sérieuse, très organisée et compétente dans son domaine. 
Elle est soucieuse de ses collaborateurs, elle leurs fournies un suivi respectueux, donc elle les comptent parmi les leurs.

Sandra Audy

It is a pleasure to work for C3 Client Satisfaction.

4.0 rating
1 May 2018

The staff is very friendly and professional. They provide great support and fast response to any questions or requests. The C3 website is easy to use and provides a lot of detailed instructions for the mission. The whole experience is very smooth and as expected. Payment processing is super fast. I look forward to more projects with C3. Thanks!

Christine Chau


4.0 rating
18 March 2018

This company is very explanatory and helpful in your assignment I would highly recommend them.

Darek Walak

Extra cash

3.0 rating
30 April 2017

Great to work for and earn some extra cash.

Roger Clowater


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