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C3 Services

What type of services are offered at c3?


C3 offers a variety of services that will improve your business performance, strenghten your team and build employee loyalty

Customer service evaluation and appreciation

While our main service is mystery shopping, we also provide a variety of market research all involving customer service evaluation and appreciation.

Mystery Shopping
Send fake customers in your business to ask specific questions on products and/or services, buy and/or return merchandise to test lost and prevention, negotiate prices, take pictures, check merchandising and prices all this, anonymously. C3 Mystery shoppers will report back by filling out an online questionnaire and data will be compiled in stats for easy consultation to take action.
Customer interview
Place interviewers in your business to collect your customers opinion and find out what they like and/or dislike and how they view your business. C3 Interviewers will enter data on our C3logik© system and be compiled in stats for easy consultation to take appropriate action.

Send C3 staff or send your own inspectors to check if store policy is followed, count stock, investigate whatever needs to be checked. Inspectors will enter data on our C3logik© system and be compiled in stats for easy consultation to take action accordingly.

Employee recognition programs

Since the nature of most mystery shopping programs our business consist of evaluating employee performance, it is natural to also provide employee recognition programs to motivate staff with their training. C3 understands that in today’s market, employee retention is key and businesses need all the help they can get to retain special talent.

Give certificates of merit

Give pins

Give trophies

Customer engagement

Mystery shopping involves a rotation of a huge number of employees (since we cannot ask the same shopper to visit the same locations). The advantage of having so many mystery shoppers is having staff across Canada ready to take on any project related to customer service. Mystery shoppers are used to follow strict instructions to a tee, have good observation skills and being thorough in their method of working.


Why not hire C3 agents to be product stockers! They are willing, able and will make sure products are well displayed, properly aligned and priced correctly using floor plans. It’s a win win-situation, employee benefits from job stability and customers profit from low-cost 100% satisfaction merchandising services.

Event and brand marketing teams

Hire C3 agents for product demonstration, distribution, sampling or any other event that would require customer-service oriented staff. Again, employees benefit from job stability and variety and customers profit from low-cost 100% satisfaction staffing services.

Personnel recruitment

C3’s can find you full time, part time, permanent or temporary personnel. Our mission is finding the best customer service-oriented professionals from warehouse staff to management. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or immediate replacement.

Special investigations

If you suspect a problem within your company and you need it to be solved asap. Hire C3 for any compliance monitoring relating to lost and prevention, price check or verification of minors.


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