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Our services provide you with the momentum required to increase the quality of customer service in a dynamic and continuous way.

Managing Customer Complaints and Customer Recovery

Handling customer complaints can be a difficult task, especially when customers are frustrated about their needs not being meet. In general, it takes very little to satisfy and restore a good relationship. Sometimes an outside view and a good listener can settle conflicts so that each party is benefiting. C3 can help you manage and resolve conflicts. As they say: “The customer is always right” or almost!

Customer Service Training

Our goal is helping you train your staff to follow business guidelines to the letter. When it becomes a reflex, employees carry out their work with an approach as unique as their personality. While there are all sorts of training programs on the market, the best training for your staff is the creation and application of a clear protocol to follow, and that’s exactly what C3 is all about!

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“C3 has been our mystery shopping supplier since 2012. We get the reports very quickly after the visits. It is an indispensable tool to motivate our team, they appreciate the feedback. Their service is personalized and tailor-made!”

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