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Proud Customers

Our customers are unanimous.

“We are always impressed by the quality of your service, thank you!”

Les Résidences Pelletier

“Thanks so much for your unique & professional service. We can always count on you any time!”

Torino Grill

“We appreciate your hands-on service, suggestions et recommendations”

Patrick Morin

“Following the latest results, we will meet with our managers to make sure that the rules in place are applied more rigorously. Thanks for the quick results!”


“C3 has been our mystery shopping supplier since 2012. We get the reports very quickly after the visits. It is an indispensable tool to motivate our team, they appreciate the feedback. Their service is personalized and tailor-made!”

Accès Pharma

“Great program! Sales are up even with the opening of Lowe’s next door!”

Canadian Tire

“Thank You, I’ve hired a new manager and several new clerks. I appreciate your honesty as well as your concerns!”

IGA Extra

“Great job, you clearly understand the essence of our business”


“Thank you for completing our project. It was the first time we did the mystery shopper exercise and it was very interesting for us.”

Régie des matières résiduelles du Lac-Saint-Jean


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