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Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is an incognito investigation aimed to evaluate the performance. This can be done by an individual or a team of people.

Incognito Investigation

The mystery shopper reflects the demographic profile of the average customer of an establishment and may even be a regular customer.

The activity of an establishment, the number of employees and clients are factors that will determine the type of evaluation and frequency which can vary from several times a day to a few times a year.

Generally, a different mystery shopper is sent to each of the assessments, unless otherwise directed by the client.

Mystery shoppers can measure the quality of customer service or products, service time, employee knowledge, sales techniques, the effectiveness of the displays and advertising, they can also verify cleanliness and safety of the premises, as well as prices. Mystery shoppers can either be used for your own business as well as your competitors.

Mystery shopping can be done on the field (walk-in), by phone (phone-in, recorded or not) or by web, (web-in).

If you don’t measure your performance, you can’t improve it

Q&A Programs

Mystery Shoppers measurement

What is a mystery shoppers program?

Our customer mystery shopper programs allow you not only to measure how well the service standards set by your organization are applied by all your staff, but also to know your customers’ perceptions and satisfaction of your service delivery.

What is an investigation with my employees?

Improving your customer experience necessarily involves listening to what your consumers have to say. In a service economy where the customer experience is increasingly important, it is no longer possible to be successful without paying close attention to how your customers perceive your business.

How C3 can increase my company's customers satisfaction?

we can increase your company’s performance and profitability by achieving a better understanding of your customers.


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