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Merchandising and brand marketing teams

“Great program! Sales are up even with the opening of Lowe’s next door!”

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Event and brand marketing teams

We specialize in executing customized marketing strategies using a personalized approach to brand recognition. Our team will put your brand in direct contact with consumers through sales and sampling across Canada. Our team of ambassadors are recruited and trained to provide the highest level of customer service, exceeding sale goals, regardless of the type of field campaign.

Personnel Service for Special Events

Whether you need in a single point of sale or in two thousand points across the country, our dynamic team will represent you in a professionally and exemplary manner. Whatever the project, delivery will be effective and memorable.

Q&A Marketing

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What does a brand marketing team do at C3?

C3 brand marketing teams consists of brand ambassadors promoting your products or services in a way that highlights your identity, values, and personality. c3 specializes in executing customized marketing strategies using a personalized approach to brand recognition. It involves direct interaction with customers through sales and sampling.

What’s so special about C3 brand ambassadors?

C3 brand ambassadors are experienced and energetic people who know how to connect with the public. Choosing the right types of ambassadors is the key factor for the credibility of a product or service.

How much does it cost to hire a team of C3 brand ambassadors?

The cost per ambassador depends on the type of profile needed, the number of ambassadors, locations and the number of days required.

Because the first contact with a potential customer is pivotal to the success of your brand.

Merchandising teams

We specialize in managing merchandising concepts To a T. Our dedicated personable team of merchandisers are not scared of getting their hands dirty. Our main focus is providing high standard of retail execution, resulting in a picture-perfect store, right on schedule, regardless of the type of retailer.


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What is the ABC of merchandising at C3?

Follow planograms to a T to put right merchandise, in the right place, perfectly aligned, in the right quantities, at the right price.

What’s so special about C3 merchandising teams?

At C3, we hire experienced detailed-oriented people from your area, which lower costs considerably. By doing so, you also encourage workforce in your community.

How much does it cost per C3 merchandiser?

The cost per merchandiser depends on the location, the number of merchandisers needed and the number of days required. Generally, the price is approximately $3 to $5 more than minimum wage.

We understand the importance of running things smoothly with customer service-oriented people.


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