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Why choose C3


Pioneer in the field of quality control with over two decades of experience, C3 provides customer satisfaction research such as, mystery shopping, surveys and customer interviews.

By combining its investigative expertise to the most advanced technological means of data analysis, C3’s end to end solution gives feedback on what is actually happening in a business, both with staff and with customer experience. Knowing the level of you staff’s performance and ability to adhere to your business policies, that’s what C3 is all about.

Focused on integrity

Creating an honest and transparent work environment, designed to engage everyone into the process of improvement, builds a team of loyal employees who value their partnership with management.

Strengths & Goals

Setting-up customer service evaluation programs that will resonate with every level of administration. Starting with sales, marketing and operations, to human resources, down to managers and most importantly, the employees.


Getting everyone involved, by focusing on clear and accessible goals, improves, not only, the working environment and productivity, but have a positive impact on employee retention as well as customers fidelity.

C3 means

Choosing C3, means the development of your staff, the satisfaction of your clientele and the success of your business.

C3 serves all business models, from small business owners to headquarters of national companies, and all business types, from restaurants to municipal eco-centers.

Considering that C3 has compiled over 500,000 reports and worked with leaders of the most reputable companies across Canada and the United States, C3 has acquired proven expertise in diversified fields.

To resume, C3 set-ups personalized walk-in, phone-in or web-in programs that will suit your needs and your budget. No matter the business type, no matter your means.

  • staff development
  • customer satisfaction
  • Business success


Our software is a measurement tool for better management.

Our clients


C3 has expertise in every market imaginable and has the best tools to provide customized solutions for all types of businesses.

Food services




Service trade

Success comes with quality of staff and correct implementation of business policy.

Our role is to provide a team of experts that will evaluate the quality of your service with a program designed specifically for your needs.

Who do we serve

C3 provides customer satisfaction research and surveys, to evaluate the quality of customer service in the following areas

Automotive Industry

Road test, after sale service and mechanic work

Retail stores

From specialized boutiques to big box stores: pricing and merchandising


Testing service, game explanation and testing minor identification


Gathering information, verifications of rules and regulations


Measuring a variety of time points according to type of emergency


From ambiance, timing, temperature, visual to taste and freshness


From order time to delivery and accuracy of the order

Financial Institutions

Accuracy assessment of information given to customers


Access to information and security

Senior Homes / Apartments

Booking, flights and amenities


Appointment booking, selling technics and follow-ups


Recorded phone call evaluations

Our client’s FAQ’s

Our client’s frequently asked questions

What is a mystery shoppers program?

Our customer mystery shopper programs allow you not only to measure how well the service standards set by your organization are applied by all your staff, but also to know your customers’ perceptions and satisfaction of your service delivery.

What is an investigation with my employees?

Improving your customer experience necessarily involves listening to what your consumers have to say. In a service economy where the customer experience is increasingly important, it is no longer possible to be successful without paying close attention to how your customers perceive your business.

How C3 can increase my company's customers satisfaction?

We can increase your company’s performance and profitability by achieving a better understanding of your customers.


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