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Our agent’s Faq’s

What does a C3 Agent job consist of?

C3 offers a variety of Market Research contracts all involving customer service evaluation and appreciation.

While most of the contracts involve mystery shopping. You will also have access to other types of contracts, like: customer interview, auditing, merchandising and product branding.


What type of contracts are available at C3?

Mystery Shopping

Be a fake customer, ask specific questions on products and/or services, could also mean to buy and/or return merchandise, negotiate prices, take pictures, check merchandising and prices all this, anonymously. And after, report back by filling out an online questionnaire.

Customer interview

Be a reporter and interview customers to collect their opinion and find out what they liked and/or disliked and how businesses can improve customer satisfaction. 


Be a business inspector and check if store policy is followed, count stock, investigate whatever needs to be checked using guideline forms. 

Be a product stocker and make sure products are well displayed, properly aligned and priced correctly using floor plans.
Product sampling

Be a product demonstrator, distribute products and invite passersby to try samples while explaining the product features and benefits.


Do I have to accept all contracts?

No. You will receive email notifications when a contract is available in a region you selected during your registration process.

Before applying to any contract, you must first read the job description: (what must be done and when, what it pays, where the business is located) and THEN apply ONLY if you are interested in doing the contract.  If not, ignore the notification and wait until there’s a contract that you feel is worth your time.

Once a contract is assigned to you (you will be notified by email), you will then have full access to instructions and forms. After reading the instructions, you can withdraw your application if you are not comfortable doing the contract. However, you must advise the project manager, immediately. If you do not contact the project manager or if you constantly withdraw from contracts, your file will be deleted.


How and when will I start my first contract with C3?

Step 1

Once registered, you will eventually start receiving email notifications of the contracts available in the region you selected.
The email will have a direct link to your C3 page for fast and easy access.

Step 2

The contracts posted will detail the following: job descriptions, locations, dates, payments.

Step 3

Hit the “apply button” only if you are free, able and interested in a contract.

Step 4

You will receive an email notification for each contract assigned to you, they will be posted on your page in the section: “Assigned contracts”.

Step 5

At this point, you will get further instructions from the Project Manager (either by phone or email).

Please note:
There may be 1 to 20 people who apply for the same contract. When registering, use an email that you check every day to be quick to respond.


What do we mean by occasional on call work?

Exactly that! The number of jobs varies from one region to another. Obviously, there are fewer contracts in remote locations… but hey… we never know what will come up during the year!

However, if you enjoy this type of work, you can always register with other companies and accumulate more contracts and hours in your region! The only thing we ask is to keep it professional … what happens at C3 stays at C3!


What is the remuneration?

C3 pays a flat rate per contract. The amount given depends on the level of difficulty of the tasks, the time required on location and the length of the report to write.

We do not pay any mileage (unless specified in the job description). It’s up to YOU to determine if the offer is worth your while before applying on a contract.


Contracts that pays with merchandise or service

C3 might post contracts that pays only by reimbursing a product or service (Ex: restaurants, automobile service, etc.).

You might find these types of contracts interesting if you actually need the service or product! Again, it’s up to YOU to determine if the offer is worth your while before applying on a contract.


Travel & Mileage compensation

C3 Client Satisfaction Inc. does not pay any mileage for gas or traveling, since we have agents across this beautiful country as well as at our American neighbors.

We assume that you have the means of getting to the locations at your own cost, either by automobile, bus or walking!

For bundled locations in a contract, a small compensation might be included for gas, if this is the case, it will be clearly detailed in the job description. Again, it’s up to YOU to determine if a contract is worth your while!


When and how do I get paid and/or reimbursed?

C3 pays and/or reimburses by direct deposit. Please note, that, we do not use PayPal or email transfer. All funds must be sent through our direct deposit banking system.

The payments are made 3 to 15 business days after the contract is processed and filed in the Archives tab in your C3 account.


Financial agreement

For most contracts offered at C3, (*unless otherwise indicated in the job description prior to application), you will be an independent agent working on your own behalf under short-term contracts for C3 Client Satisfaction Inc.

You will be responsible for declaring your income. After completing your first contract, we will ask you to provide your date of birth and your SIN (Social security number). We must ask for this information, it’s the Canadian law!


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