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Discovering what makes your customers heart beat is the way to evolve and be ahead of the competition.

Know what your customers’ want and need!

Phone or online surveys are used to collect information about the behaviors and preferences of a target audience. These opinion polls are used by companies to make decisions in order to develop their market and / or products, improve their service or to test advertisements. Even with a sample of respondents, it can still be sufficient to understand what most customers want and value.

What are the types of surveys are offered at C3?

C3 offers both phone surveys and online surveys. The data is gathered on our C3logik© system and compiled in stats for easy consultation to take appropriate action.

Online Surveys
Phone Surveys

C3 contacts your customers by phone or email and invites them to respond to a quick survey. A sample of responders is enough to give you insights on what most of your customers like and dislike and how they view your business. Feedback is gathered on our C3logik© system  and compiled in stats for easy consultation to take appropriate action.

Surveys, Surveys, Surveys… They will be effective only if targets are approached the right way, with target questions. The secret is in the source!


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About the feeback

How many people should we survey for accurate feedback?

The sample size depends on the variation of the responders and the precision of the research. For example, are you asking customers if they are satisfied with their order? Versus a survey to discover the favorite restaurant of locals?

How many questions should our survey have?

Surveys should have a maximum of 5 or 6 questions. You what to keep it short and sweet in order to get accurate information. If a survey is too long, respondents will get annoyed and quit the survey or answer randomly to finish the survey.

What are the types of surveys offered at C3?

C3 offers market research, employee or customer satisfaction, after-sales and follow-up types of surveys. All surveys can be done either by phone or online.


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