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C3 uses its own staff recruitment operating system, market research and data processing, unique in Canada, called C3logik©.

Advanced technology, easy to use and hassle-free, C3logik© is the perfect tool for the management of any program connected to field marketing and management of human resources.

This is the third web generation platform to emerge at C3.

C3logik© allows administrators to take the necessary measures to re-examine either the company’s protocol, sales techniques, marketing strategies and staff training.

C3logik© for field marketing, can:

Create and match any number of quality control questionnaires, according to each type of business to be assessed as part of the same survey project.

Use a variety of types of responses in the same questionnaire.

Compile two results in the same assessment: to obtain an overall score as well as a minimum score.

Create dynamic cross tables that synthesize, analyze and present all the compiled data.

C3logik© for managing human resources, can:

Recognize and classify each employee evaluated.

Produce comparative graphs for each evaluation point.

Store unlimited audio files during telephone assessment for the purpose of staff training.

Our software

C3Logik© is an advanced technology

Discover the strengths

Unlimited automate

C3logik© creates unlimited automated customer accounts links to deliver segmented results of the statistics that facilitate consultation and maintains confidentiality for each of the administrative levels.

Statistics & Strengths

With C3logik©, discovering the strengths and weaknesses of any organization is a simple matter. Just a quick glance at the statistical data produced in real time, and the ascertainment will be immediate.

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